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Stacey and Carolina met after partnering up to care for a hive during their Brooklyn Grange Beekeeping Apprenticeship Program in 2015. They quickly became friends after discovering their love for Old Gregg while carefully taking turns removing frames filled with bees like it was a game of Operation. After deciding that they wanted to continue caring for urban bees and with new bee packages on the way, they linked up with Earth Matter Compost Learning Center on Governors Island, NYC, where the Island Bee Project was born. They have shared their passion and enthusiasm for honeybees with countless urban farm visitors, friends, and family for over 3 years and continue to inspire with their knowledge and beekeeping wisdom. 

This season they are proud to partner with the Honeybee Conservancy, a national non-profit, that engage in education, outreach, support research and build bee habitats for the 2019 season. 

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See Stacey's story below shot on location with our friends at the The Wyckoff Farmhouse Museum in Brooklyn, NY.  

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Our mission at Island Bee Project is to inspire and educate everyone we meet about the importance the honeybee's role in our ecosystem and in our lives. We believe that in giving bees a chance gives us all a chance. 

Check out the video below for a day in the life as an urban beekeeper on Governors Island, NYC!

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